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This video was created to explain the complex portfolio of services offered by iventions in a simple and engaging way. According to producer Tom Hayton, “the challenge was to convey how all the different elements fit together, without over-explaining anything or confusing the viewer, in under 2 minutes.”

Tom went into further detail about the making of this video:

“The video took a few months to produce. The hardest part was nailing down the concept: our task was to convey what my client does in a simple but engaging way, which is difficult because they do a broad range of complex things.

Initially we wanted to do the video in pure motion graphics. However after creating some mock ups this turned out to be horrendously complicated, and it didn’t connect very well with the visual brand we have been working on with the client, so we abandoned the idea and went back to the drawing board.

The solution to this problem was to mix video with motion graphics, representing the company metaphorically in the form of a woman (the actress in the video, Zaneta) “magically” showcasing the work. With the embedded videos we were able to simultaneously show the multitude of activities the client engages in, without it getting too complicated.

Of course this presented technical challenges as well because Zaneta couldn’t actually see the objects she was manipulating. We helped her by rehearsing several times and creating virtual boundaries so she knew where the edge of the frame was.

We had to shoot the video in a single continuous shot, so there were many takes. But we got there in the end!

The effects themselves are done in After Effects, with some use of the Plexus plugin.

For each section of the effects we drew up static ideas first and got approval from the client before animating.

You may also notice that the embedded videos don’t all start playing until the end. That’s because as Zaneta selects an individual video, we want to draw the viewer’s attention just to that video, which plays when touched, while the others remain static.  Otherwise there was simply too much action in the frame. At the end all the videos play to create a sense of climax and harmony in the action.”


Videographer/producer/director/AD: Tom Hayton
Post production effects: Tal Gliks
Design: Tal Gliks & Tom Hayton
Concept: Tom Hayton & Alex Intveld
Assistant: Alex Intveld
Actress: Zaneta Pozdniakova

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